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Best Straight Razor Brands

I once heard my dad say he missed those good old days when the local barber can be counted upon to give men close shave, with the best straight razor brands. Nowadays, most professional barbers are shying away from this tradition, and now it’s up to men to discover if shaving with a straight razor is suitable for their facial hair. From my experience, finding a best straight razor for beginners can become a process of trial and error. I gave the mass produced Gillette disposable razors a try, and soon discovered it was not suitable for my facial skin. If you’re in the same position, my search for the best shaving razor eventually took me to discover how shaving with a straight razor can be just what the average guy needs for a perfect close shave. Some of the Best Straight Razor Brands

Truth be told, my first experience with a straight razor was scary to say the least. My jitteriness must have happened, because I viewed the daily grooming tool as a weapon at first. But slowly as I applied pressure, and saw how my facial hair disappeared all my doubts melted away. Since no one warned me to take it easy at first, you’re better off taking it slow if this is your first time using one.

Apart from my experience using it the first time, I wanted to impart some of what I have learned in my search for the best straight razor brands. Hopefully, some of the mistakes I made in choosing the wrong brand would give you certain points to consider as you search for the best straight razor for shaving.

So, I will be talking about the best straight razor brands, and some steps I took to find mine. Sometimes discovering a brand you like can beat the best aspects of find a single product. You should look at this selection process like music; once you discover your favorite artist, you put ample trust that they’ll always produce songs that compliments your taste. My favorite singer is Rihana, and most times I just buy the new album from her without listening and reading any reviews. But please don’t ask me if I am in love with her, but I am sure you get where I’m coming from.

Best Straight Razor for Beginners Crucial Points:

Your Skin Type – I must admit straight straight razors are not suitable for everyone. You need to carefully analyze how your skin looks before buying one straight razor brand that will satisfy you. If you have a lot of shaving bumps and bearded acne, this shaving tool might not suit your needs. The smoother your skin, the better off you’ll like this types of straight razor brands. Why you need the Dovo Best Quality, Full Hollow Carbon Steel,

Time factor – If you’re the type of guy that takes his time to shave, then straight razor brands would do you good. The blades in most straight razors are incredibly sharp, and would cut deeply if you’re in a rush.

Your Budget – How much you’re looking to invest in a good straight razor brand should play a significant role in what model you choose. From my experience, the higher priced straight razors are not always the best. I have one that cost me less than $20 and it’s still going strong two years later. The higher priced straight razors do come with more “bells and whistles” you might not need.

Warranty – This is an integral part of any online purchase nowadays. What type of warranty does the product offer? Like all manufactured goods, small percentage would have defects and it’s always nice to know your coverage terms.

Current Customers Reviews – Apart from the information you get from this best straight razor brands review, you should also look closely at the satisfaction ratio of existing customers. All the best straight razor brands listed below have high customer satisfaction score. If you click on any of the images or product links, you can check them out for yourself.

Timely Disclaimer on My Best Straight Razor Brands

Take it from me, this is not a complete comprehensive list. There are hundreds of great razors in the market-place, and I took the time to select those that offers the best value for your hard earned money. You can also look at the shaving tools resources at Straight Razor Place and Badger & Blade, both awesome sites.

However, my intention was to give you some excellent options to choose from. The brands listed gives you different styles, price points and traditions. It’s my hope, you’ll find one that can compliment your shaving style, face and experience level.

If you know of a straight razor brand that you love, and it’s not on the list, please feel free to tell us in the comments section!

Best Straight Razor Brands

Stylish and Cool Designs: Dovo Straight Razors

You can easily spot a Dovo straight razor from far away. This brand comes with unique styles. The most laudable feature of this brand is the versatility it comes with. They make models for those just new to shaving with straight razors. I love this brand because they’re modern, bold and has innovative features. To show you how popular this brand is, you’ll probably find one in your local barber shop or hair-stylist salon. For example take a look at this blue blade Dovo straight razor (it rocks, seriously).

Best aspects of the Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

Price Point – The good thing about Dovo Razors is the many affordable price points it offers. The Dovo razor in the image cost less than $40, which is indeed quite reasonable for those looking for a durable straight razor that doesn’t put a big-hole in your bank balance. On the other hand, you’ll also find many Dovo razors with more features and higher price points – from $99 to over $200 range. Nonetheless, I found the less expensive, less fancy model (in the image) above, to be quite capable of getting the job done right.

What About The Shave – This razor is sturdy enough to deliver awesome shave for the money. The weight is light and uses disposable blades. The Dovo straight razor felt comfortable in my hand, but might not be ideal for those with heavy beards. Better to trim your stubble before using the shaving tool if you’ve neglected to shave for a couple of days.

Any Special Features – If you’re looking for the best straight razor for beginners, the Dovo brand is perfect as they use disposable blades. This means you don’t have to use any hone or strop to sharpen your razor. While this might cut out a few fun in the shaving process, this straight razors from Dovo offers one of the best options in the shaving tool market place.

The Ultra-Cheap: Parker Straight Razors

Do not let the cheap price fool you, this is one of the most affordable safety razor brands on the market today. This company has been around for a long time in the manufacturing of reasonably priced shaving tools that are beloved by many. Parker Straight Razors do come with glowing customer reviews online despite the low price.

With the SR1 straight edge razor, you'll find that this product has kept pace with the growing needs of men facial hair up-keep.

Price Point – Parker Straight Razors are quite affordable, which is one of the reasons I selected the brand. You do get a fairly decent razor, since they’re all priced below $30. Also based on the existing customer reviews, their line of straight razors come with higher quality than some of the higher priced brands. Just look at the features on this Parker straight razor model (it’s awesome).

And the Shave – Surprisingly, the shave from this straight razor was much better than expected. The model we used was the (Parker SR1). It has a good and comfortable weight and feel, and the handle was designed to fit nicely into your hand. While subtle, the fact that the blade remains at the same angle while shaving, negates any chance of accidental nicks or cuts.

The style is okay, and it has 100% stainless steel with a pure traditional feel and look. Amazingly, you’ll find this brand of best straight razor for shaving at many professional barbershops and hair salons.

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When you ask a man or a woman about their facial hair problems, rarely do the ones that grow inside the nose get mentioned. While the hair in your nose has certain germ filtering functions, it becomes an issue when they almost protrude from inside your nose, where everyone can notice them. I had same problems with fast nose hair growth, until I discovered the Panasonic nose hair trimmer.

Now I am not advocating you try to shave off, all your nose hairs. They do serve some health functions, if in doubt just ask a medical doctor. Now you know why you feel much pain when you tried using a tweezer to pluck the ones you can see out of your nose.

In this modern technology age, plucking them is very old fashion, and can cause you to bleed from the nose if you over do it. Panasonic er-gn30-k

This Panasonic er-gn30-k review article, will discuss my experience using the device, and the features embedded within, that makes it probably one of the best nose hair trimmer you can buy online today. Amazingly so, it’s not an expensive grooming tool, costing less than $13, which is probably less than you paid for lunch or dinner.


Protruding hairs from your nose is ugly and unsightly, and you don’t want people close to you pointing it out, before you decide to do something about it. I am here to tell you that, the only person that truly cares about how you look, is you. You can certainly look your best using the power of this nose hair trimmer from Panasonic.

What About the Amazing Features of the Panasonic er-gn30-k

Panasonic ER-GN30-K is not just a nose hair remover, it can also be used to remove hairs from your ear, and eyebrow. It has optimum speed settings, that makes it ideal for shaping your mustache and sideburns to perfection.

Within the device, is a rotary cutting system, which has been tested by millions of customers worldwide, and found to be safe and very efficient at facial hair removal, especially from small spaces your shaver cannot get to.

The Panasonic nose hair trimmer is designed to be used in either dry or wet conditions. You can use it before or after you get out of the shower. My personal preference is before getting in the shower, but hey, you just might have your own personal care routine. The essential components in this nose hair removal tool, are tightly sealed and 100% waterproof.

It will not increase your electric bill as the main power source is from one AA battery. Try to get a good battery after the initial free one that comes with your delivery is dead. I have found Duracell to be the most reliable, and longer lasting brand.

Another notable feature, is the well admired Vortex Cleaning System, which is capable of thoroughly cleaning the Panasonic nose trimmer. To engage the Vortex cleaner feature, you simply immerse the best nose hair trimmer in water, while also pushing the cleaning button. Panasonic nose hair trimmer brush and cap

You’ll observe water been pulled in from all the sides of the trimmer, while it’s also spun through the device, and quickly ejected from the main top head.

Also, included to help keep your nose trimmer in good working condition is a small cleaning brush, and a protective cap for when it’s not been used.

Within the model ER-GN30-K, is a dual edge cutting blades that’s capable of cutting all the hairs that enters the trimmer from all sides, and the top. This is the grooming tool you use for trimming those individual hair you see on your eyebrows. The stainless steel blades are curved, and also hypo-allergenic. This is what makes the product ideal for beard or mustache detailing.

To be Fair, Here are some of the Pros and Cons I did experience with the Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer: Model ER-GN30-K


One of the biggest benefit is that it’s user friendly. The design technology deployed in this device is so simple to figure out. Even thou it does come with an owners manual, you probably would not need it to conduct your first nose hair removal session.

This device is indeed very compact, and also portable. It’s not bulky at all, and would make an ideal travel companion.

It has some durability built into it, as long as you handle it with care.

The noise level from using this nose hair trimmer is very low, as compared to some of the other brands I have tried in the past.


Panasonic er-gn30-k review articleI am yet to find a perfect product, this nose trimmer is no different.

A closer look, reveals it has a flimsy outside plastic shell. Model ER-GN30-K should never be dropped on a hard surface, or you’ll be needing a new one. Wish they used more metal for the outside casing, but then again it would not be so cheap.

If you fail to conduct regular cleaning after each use, the included blades might not serve you for so long. I have been using mine for over a year, and it still works like new.

Is it the best nose hair trimmer to buy?

In my opinion, it has several advantages going in its favor. It has one of the highest reviews online from existing customers that have also tried the product. For the price offered, it has all you need in a nose trimmer to get the job done right. For the source with the best discounted price, you can click the link below.

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